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B.Tech Projects
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1Accounts Application For a CollegeJava/.Net/Other 
2Accounts Application For an OrganizationJava/.Net/Other 
3Advertisement Taxation SystemJava/.Net/Other 
4Advertising Management SystemJava/.Net/Other 
5After Sales Help Desk ApplicationJava/.Net/Other 
6Airline Miles Acquisition SystemJava/.Net/Other 
7Airlines Operation ControlJava/.Net/Other 
8Airlines Ticket Reservation SystemJava/.Net/Other 
9Alumni Application for UniversityJava/.Net/Other 
10Alumni Search Engine for UniversitiesJava/.Net/Other 
11Amiable Banking SystemJava/.Net/Other 
13Appraisal Tracker ApplicationJava/.Net/Other 
14Appraisal Tracking SystemJava/.Net/Other 
15Attendance Management System for EmployeesJava/.Net/Other 
16Attendance Management System for InstitutionJava/.Net/Other 
17Automate Payroll Processing for EmployeesJava/.Net/Other 
18Automated Data Extraction and Conversion EngineJava/.Net/Other 
19B2B E-Commerce ApplicationJava/.Net/Other 
20Bank on WiresJava/.Net/Other 
**We also help in paper publishing in International Journals including IEEE**