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MS Projects: This section is exclusively for students pursuing MS in countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Iraq and so on. We believe that MS students need help in the form of knowledge transfer in terms of domain and platform with respect to their chosen dissertation. We take pleasure in helping them in such a way that they get knowledge transferred from us that will enable them to focus on their project work easily. Click here to view list of IEEE research titles of 2010 and 2011. Or go to quick search to find suitable paper.
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1      Banking                    

25      Pattern matching                    

2      Data and Knowledge Management                    

26      Uncertain Databases                    

3      Data Mining                    

27      VOIP                    

4      Multimedia                    

28      Speech Processing                    

5      Software Engineering                    

29      Manet's                    

6      Parellel and Distributed Systems                    

30      Payment Systems                    

7      Service Computing                    

31      VLSI                    

8      Visualization and Computer Graphics                    

32      Virtualization                    

9      Wireless Communications                    

33      VANET                    

10      Image Processing                    

34      SOA                    

11      Insurance                    

35      Neural Networks                    

12      Mobile Computing                    

36      Artificial Intelligence                    

13      Web Mining                    

37      Defence                    

14      Networking                    

38      Space Technology                    

15      Security                    

39      Databases                    

16      Health Care                    

40      KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING                    

17      E-Commerce                    

41      PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS                    

18      E-Governance                    

42      SECURE COMPUTING                    

19      Genetic Algorithms                    

43      GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING                    

20      Steganography                    

44      Network & Service Management                    

21      Distributed Computing                    

45      Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence                    

22      Cloud Computing                    

46      Education                    

23      Data Communications                    

47      Information Forensics & Security                    

24      Data Warehousing                    

**We also help in paper publishing in International Journals including IEEE**